About Me: Shuli

Shulamit Lando



Welcome to my page!

I am what I call a TheraCoach; a Body-Mind Psychotherapist and Medical Coach. I am Mexican and I live in Jerusalem. I am also the author of 2 books.

Due to a degenerative and supposedly incurable disease, and eager to find what could help me, I found the body-mind connection. From that diagnosis onwards, I have trained in many different therapeutic and healing approaches.

 After already 38 years of dealing with a lot of symptoms due to Multiple Sclerosis (MS), in my second book, HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS – A Guide to Living WELL with a Chronic Condition, I finally told my story and shared what helped me (and many others) to deal as best as possible, all the way to have healed (in the right sense of the word)!

 Now, what gives my life true meaning and purpose, is to accompany and help others find their very own path to healing with the same proven tools that worked on myself and others.

 I am thrilled that now, this course/workshop/support group, ONLINE, AND NOW, WHAT?! Your Healing Journey can support so many others, more than I could personally ever help.

Essentially, whoever joins this course – those in difficult circumstances, frightened by their condition, feeling lost or “paralyzed” with their circumstances – learns how to overcome his challenge and not give up!

My first title, love arroba desert is a love story that occurs with the birth of the Internet, also based on my personal experience and, at the moment, is only in Spanish.