Guiding people to live WELL with a chronic condition!

Are you dealing with a scary diagnosis?

Living with symptoms that make your life uncomfortable and challenging?

I help people just like you!


 “By expressing and dealing with the sadness, fear and anger that I experienced with the diagnosis I was able to enjoy more of life through choosing to truly experience  joy and affection. I learned that by having a ‘what for’ one actually finds the ‘how’.” Gab, Mexico.


My clients are

Alternative medicine stethoscope and green symbol background



I help them

Well again




We achieve all this with state of the art tools for wellbeing and healing through:

TheraCoaching – a unique blend of strategies to heal and feel at your best with what is!

TheraCoaching helps develop and strengthen the ability we all have to deal with pain and adversity, overcome them and emerge stronger from it!

TheraCoaching (which is includes Medical Coaching) is a unique coaching model for people who are coping with the challenges of a medical crisis i.e. chronic illness, injury, accidents, surgery, physical disabilities, etc.