Your healing journey!

“You will know that you have arrived at your healing when you experience serenity in the presence of your disease”



Shulamit Lando 

Body/Mind Psychotherapist and Medical Coach 




The new 12-week workshop


Next April 8th, 2020!


Are you facing a difficult situation, such as the diagnosis of a chronic conditionión, with the fear and anxiety that that entails?

I invite you to be part of this path towards your healing!

This workshop is for you!

A Body/ Mind process to reclaim the reins of your life, physically, emotionally and mentally, and claim it back beyond any medical diagnosis!


Come and learn to:

Let go of FEAR and transform your experience of the disease!

This is a therapeutic Body-Mind and Medical Coaching workshop to help you DEAL BETTER with:

   * your physical symptoms 

   * the emotional consequences of a chronic diagnosis and

   * with the necessary adjustment to the sudden and unexpected change in your life.



If your loved one is going through this and you need the support and clarity to know how to better take care of yourself and accompany him/her on this path, this workshop is also for you!

This process is based and accompanied by the reading of the book 

HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS — A Gide to Living WELL with a Chronic Condition

that you will receive for free, as part of the workshop (in its digital format), with links to videos and audios.


 At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Recover HOPE

  • Design the most suitable program for your own recovery

  • Integrate and implement the strategies that work best for you

  • Obtain the necessary inspiration to build and strengthen discipline

  • Create and strengthen a positive mindset to build resilience and promote your healing

  • Obtain the necessary support from the group to make your journey to wellness easier

  • Obtain effective tools to affect the body, mind and spirit

  • Achieve a creative, functional and meaningful life despite your condition 

EARLY BIRD (until 3/15/2020): $437 US dls

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FULL PRICE: $500 US dls

For more information contact me:

Shulamit (Shuli) +972 544 868739     [email protected]