MEXICO’S EARTHQUAKE 2017: My experience as a Psychotherapist

It is the hours before Rosh HaShana (The Jewish New Year) and the phone rings. “IsraAID” (the Israeli-based humanitarian aid organization that responds to emergency crises and engages in international development around the world) is calling me. “There is a humanitarian delegation being organized to go help in Mexico, are you coming? We are leaving tonight!” […]

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The ONE essential MORNING ROUTINE to make your body a ripe soil for #healing!

All of what I write, even if it is not specifically related to it, came from my learning to deal and eventually #heal from #illness. Extract from the book: HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS – A guide to living WELL with a chronic condition.    Indeed, as much as food can be poison,  food is medicine! You […]

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How well am I taking care of myself?

  #SELF CARE INVENTORY How well am I taking care of myself? (Courtesy of Dr Leah Gniwesch)   How much water do I drink a day? _________________________________ Do I ear 3 meals a day?__________________________________________ Under what conditions do I eat those meals? (Noise, rushed, standing up?) _____________________________________________________________ What is the quality of the food I […]

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When would you say that you have been #healed?

  Most people humbly prefer using the words “managing your symptoms” instead of daring to affirm that they “healed their illness”. But, I ask you: when would you say you have healed what ails you? If you have not had any symptoms almost at all except a little fatigue when it is too hot, would […]

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How to move from OVERWHELM to CALM

The easiest and fastest way to getting from feeling OVERWHELMED to feeling CALM is to gain control of the breath. Breathing is so essential to our life and well-being and it holds such mystery that in the Hebrew language, the word for soul, neshamah, and the word for breath, neshimah, both have the same root. We are the soul living in the body and we are essentially also the breath in the body.

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How to deal with FEAR and feeling OVERWHELMED

FEAR from what is happening must be the greatest thing we have to deal with and overcome in life in general. This is a simple and extremely effective tool to help you build resilience and let go of heavy emotions or prevent being overwhelmed by stress, grief, shock or trauma.

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The Dream

I wake up startled and simply knowing for certain. In the dream I am in a small theater. There are three lines of seats in front of the stage and three on its right side. I am sitting in the second row in front of the stage. To my left, two men sit quietly in the second row by the side of the stage, shining. A woman walks onto the stage, barefoot, holding a beautiful wooden classical guitar in her right hand. She is ancient. Not 120, but rather 350 years old. She is wearing a very light white nightgown. She sits on a tall stool at center stage, places her guitar on her lap and starts playing the most astounding and powerful “cante jondo” — Flamenco music.

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#MS Insights: Transformed by #Illness

This is the first page of a book I am writing called HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS – A guide to living WELL with a chronic condition.

It is the story of my illness and the healing process which permitted me to return to a meaningful and rewarding life.

The story begins with receiving an apocalyptic diagnosis and shares the journey which transformed me from victim to a vehicle for helping others.

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#MS Insights: You are so flexible!!

As I was leaving my volunteer job, the woman responsible for me and my work, calls me aside. She wants to ask me a question.

She wants to know if I would offer another half an hour to the clinic. I supervise psychotherapists who volunteer their time and expertise at a center that provides alternative therapies to people with Cancer, their families AND even their caretakers. It is an awesome project carried at the Oncology ward of a main Jerusalem hospital and at a clinic. All this work is done by professionals who volunteer their time and expertise.

My job is to supervise two therapists at the clinic. This lovely petite woman wants me to supervise another volunteer. It would mean to stay over for another half hour or 45 minutes after I’m done with my previous group.

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#MS Insights: Changing Your SHIT into #Compost!

Today I had a conversation with a suffering individual on the other side of the world. I truly felt bad for him.

How do we express ourselves when things don’t go well for us? What kind of stories make us suffer?
•I did my best but it just didn’t work out.
•They’ didn’t appreciate my efforts.
•They’ don’t want me in their lives.
•I have no one who truly understands me, loves me, cares about me, etc.
•I can hardly make ends meet.
•I blame the economic situation; it is because of my boss, because of my father/mother, my children… because of God!!

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One day I found my spiritual path and the next day an incurable illness, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), found me. This brought me my life's greatest lesson: How was I going to find this to be a gift from God, the Universe, The Source, the cosmic soup, or from some higher sphere? What was my new-found spirituality and awareness supposed to teach me with this!?

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