The ONE essential MORNING ROUTINE to make your body a ripe soil for #healing!

Written on 25th June 2016 by Shulamit Lando

All of what I write, even if it is not specifically related to it, came from my learning to deal and eventually #heal from #illness.

Extract from the book: HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS – A guide to living WELL with a chronic condition. 


Indeed, as much as food can be poison,  food is medicine! You will certainly start feeling so much better physically and even mentally as you start eating more whole, organic and live foods. It is easy to understand: eat what is not processed. Nothing that comes in a can, a box or a bag is whole. Whole is the food that the earth produces before it is manipulated by human hands. Have more of these, and avoid the rest or reduce them to a minimum.

Healing is a subtle energy that increases with details. Small steps add up and will make your body a “ripe soil for healing” (term coined by Dr. #Lissa Rankin).


  • Do you want to #heal your body? 

This is the minimum MORNING ROUTINE that you should start with right away:

Our bodies stay healthiest when instead of acidic they are alkaline (or basic). The simplest formula to keep the body basic/alkaline is to drink lots of water (to flush out toxins) but always with a few drops of lemon or, even better: lime! That alone creates the chemistry to keep the body alkaline.



  • My personal MORNING ROUTINE! 

I personally like my first glass of the morning, the one I drink on an empty stomach, to be a bit more complex formula, though still very easy to make:


pH formula


  • Two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar in a big glass
  • ¼ Teaspoon of baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)

The chemical reaction of this combination is a fizz. Wait for a few seconds for the fizz to end and fill up the glass with (not too cold) water. That’s it!


Remember: we are a Body/Mind integrated unit. Therefore, just by consciously knowing and believing that this concoction is going to create a wonderful base for your body to replenish and renovate itself, it can and actually does become a placebo and has the potential of making you happier and healthier!


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