When would you say that you have been #healed?

Written on 12th June 2016 by Shulamit Lando

 thank god im healed

Most people humbly prefer using the words “managing your symptoms” instead of daring to affirm that they “healed their illness”. But, I ask you: when would you say you have healed what ails you? If you have not had any symptoms almost at all except a little fatigue when it is too hot, would you feel you have healed? If you have #MS and you have only had a small and short attack in 20 years wouldn’t you call that ‘healing’? I certainly do! And in spite of that, when I find a new course of action I don’t doubt putting it to the test because it may improve my health even a little more.

The universe, through a dear friend, sent me this new book called: “WHY IS THERE NO #MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AT THE EQUATOR? – How Brazilian doctors are curing #MS with high-dose D3” by Jeff Bowels.

This is a video where you can know more about it:

This theory is based on serious research and testimonials of people healing many different diseases. As the book’s subtitle says, it consists on using very high doses of vitamin D3 always along with Vit K2 (there is a strong emphasis in the importance of the K2 at the same time of taking the D3). I am loving the book and I already ordered a few bottles of the highest dose of D3 I could find—10,000 mg.

People ask me what was that really worked for me stopping the debilitating MS symptoms and the truth is that it wasn’t one particular product or strategy. Things always work in synergy, one thing improves the other working hand in hand. Diet, exercise, suplementation and most of all, mindset: what we are doing with our thoughts attitude and emotions. Everything works together, because we are all body-mind.

I am excited to give it a try (maybe other chronic problems I have, such as osteoporosis, which I have since I was very young, could improve! Wouldn’t that be something?!)

Good luck to you all, I wish you an easier and lighter journey!

Shulamit Lando, TheraCoach, Medical Coach and Author of “HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS — A guide to living WELL with a chronic condition”.

You can get the book in amazon.com:


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