How to move from OVERWHELM to CALM

Written on 6th May 2016 by Shulamit Lando

All of what I write, even if it is not specifically related to it, came from the broadening of awareness that I got in and through the process of learning to deal and eventually heal from illness.

Extract from the book: HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS – A guide to living WELL with a chronic condition


The easiest and fastest way to getting from feeling OVERWHELMED to feeling CALM is to gain control of the breath. Breathing is so essential to our life and well-being and it holds such mystery that in the Hebrew language, the word for soul, neshamah, and the word for breath, neshimah, both have the same root. We are the soul living in the body and we are essentially also the breath in the body.

The Square Breath by Dr. G. Wollman is another very simple yet powerful exercise.

INHALE: in a count of 4

HOLD: in a count of 4

EXHALE: in a count of 4

HOLD: in a count of 4



Do this 4 times

Repeat 4 times a day, if you need to!

As you practice it The Square Breath will become the natural rhythm of your breathing and life will feel smoother!

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