How to deal with FEAR and feeling OVERWHELMED

Written on 6th May 2016 by Shulamit Lando

All of what I write, even if it is not specifically related to it, came from the broadening of awareness that I got in and through the process of learning to deal and eventually heal from illness.

Extract from the book:

HOPE BEYOND ILLNESS – A guide to living WELL with a chronic condition 


FEAR from what is happening must be the greatest thing we have to deal with and overcome in life in general. This is a simple and extremely effective tool to help you build resilience and let go of heavy emotions or prevent being overwhelmed by stress, grief, shock or trauma.


Butterfly Hug

Butterfly Hug: Cross your arms over your chest. Each hand lands on the opposite upper arm or shoulder. Tap each shoulder (or arm) alternating in a rhythmic way while breathing slowly and deeply for about 20 seconds at a time. Do this until you feel more calm. By rhythmically alternating the tapping on both sides of the body you help the brain process the overwhelming emotions.


Just so you know: The Butterfly Hug has been successfully utilized especially to help children soothe their disturbing emotions in the aftermath of trauma by war and natural disaster.

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