How well am I taking care of myself?

Written on 13th June 2016 by Shulamit Lando

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How well am I taking care of myself? (Courtesy of Dr Leah Gniwesch)


How much water do I drink a day? _________________________________

Do I ear 3 meals a day?__________________________________________

Under what conditions do I eat those meals? (Noise, rushed, standing up?) _____________________________________________________________

What is the quality of the food I eat? ______________________________

When did I last: (put an X in the appropriate column):



This past week This past month This past year
  Play music or sing
  Indulge in favorite hobby
  Get a doctor’s checkup
  Sit quietly doing nothing
  Done 1 task at a time (not   multitasking)
  Breathe deeply
  Sleep 7-8 hours straight   w/o medical help
  Go on vacation
  Exercise regularly
  Get together w/a close   friend
  Take a walk outside
  Read a book for pleasure


Ask yourself:

  • Is my #health the most important thing today?
  • What small doable thing can I do every day to have the most impact in my life for the better?


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